Weekly lecture updates taking time

Hi Team,

Upcoming weeks are updated only on May 31 as per the portal timings. Is it true ?
We have to wait a little longer !?

Thank you
Srihari Mohan

The content will be out every week, we will take a pause in the middle if we feel most of students are lacking behind

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Are the remaining lectures supposed to be released on 31st may?. Please guide me i want to pursue an internship in june so will i be able to complete this course till may end?
and when will you launch your ML course?

No, these will be released weekly… no delaying decision has been made yet.

@PadhAI-Team , @PadhAI why is week 8 shown as it will be available from 31st March. Ideally it should be from 21st right? Or are you guys taking a break because of COVID 19. Kindly keep us posted