What after this Data Science course?

I am currently in week 14 of Foundations of Data Science. I have completed every assignment very
sincerely, finished evey quiz sincerely and i did before the uploading of next week content(almost).
I don’t know to what to do after this course to enhance and master my data science skills . I have visited
kaggle.com but it was very confusing . I was confused what to do there. Also i am planning to
freelance . What should i do for that? Please guide me.


See, if the links below can help you get started with Kaggle.

Or this

I will check. Thanks for sharing.:slight_smile:

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hey buddy, to start with 1) you must visit kaggle and find a easy data csv file
2) try to do univariate and bivariate analysis, ploting graphs, finding relations
this the core component of data science model building and prediction is last stage .
first try to explore data and the relation between them


What is univariate and bivariate analysis?

In a nutshell,
Univariate Analysis is analyzing only one input feature, ex: Box-plots
Multivariate Analysis is analyzing multiple input features, ex: 2D Scatterplot (having size or color as another added dimension)


So it’s like one-dimensional and multi-dimensional analysis. Is that what you are saying?

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