What Data Science Is!

DATA SCIENCE ,MACHINE LEARNING,ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT are the words popularly heard in the recent times.
These words are used interchangeably without proper knowledge n people who really want to learn these stuff are misguided.

Here is a article briefing on WHAT DATA SCIENCE IS!

Data science is the study of data and the goal is to discover hidden patterns from the raw data, from the hidden pattern we draw conclusions/decisions to our problem .

The next question is how to discover these patterns, the tasks involved are:

  • Collecting data: We need data so that we can apply the techniques on the data.
    There may be different ways of collection data where
    (i)Data already exits in databases
    (ii)Data exits but at multiple sources
    (iii)Data is not available where we need to conduct various experiments to collect data

  • Storing data: Data collected need to be stored.
    They can be either stored in Relational Databases ,Data-ware houses,Data Lakes etc…

  • Processing data: After collecting the data, the data needs to be processed.
    Stored data cannot be directly used for modelling as there might be issue with its format or values.
    We may have to clean the data ,normalize the data etc…

  • Describing data: We can represent the data suppose graphically for more understanding of the data.
    Data can be described through Data Visualisation or Data Summarisation .

  • Modeling data: Here we try to find function which maps input(s) to output(s). Majorly this is done in two approaches, Statistical modelling, Algorithmic modelling .