What if I don't complete DL course within 2 months CoViD19 break

I have finished the Data Science course upto week 8 . I had enrolled for the deep learning course . I am trying my best to avail the benefit of free access of the course"Deep Learning" upto 2 months. What if I can’t able to complete the course in time i.e. 2 months. Can I able to access my content after that. And if I don’t have access to that course Will the progress in that course “Deep Learning” get discarded.

Hi @manjeet1311999,
The DL course is just a consolation from OFL, for this lockdown period. We might not provide you certificates for DL course, it’s just to utilise your time to keep learning.
In future if you would like to take a course on DL, you can either take it on GUVI, or the new course which will be coming out in PadhAI One series after Machine Learning course

Will the progress in that course get discard ?

Yes, I’m not sure about the platform behavior but consider it will get reset