“What is Data Science?” by Harsh mishra

“What is Data Science?” by Harsh mishra

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In now days we are using lot of digital devices like smartphones, digital watches, computers etc. In every day a normal human being as well as industrial persons generates lot of data in every second. According to some reports we are created 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day, By 2020, it’s estimated that 1.7MB of data will be created every second for every person on earth.

The data size is huge so now in the data have lot of Hidden information. Example: Assume we are a zomato company owner and We have created lot of data every day. So we want some information like what is the first preference of the customer, and what type of food buy they are frequently?, and how much prize is best for this food etc. This type of questions are important to grow our business.
So data science solve this problem and It is work on data and find out the meaningful information from the data.
In more formal way
The data science is work on data , it is developing a methods of collecting, storing, processing , describing and modeling of data.

I have made a video for better understanding.