What is Data Science? - Data Freak

What is Data Science? - Data Freak

This blog is for those who want to learn Data Science with passion rather then necessity.
Everyone tells Data Science is some serious combination of math, statistics and huge amount of knowledge concept. But according to me Data Science is the thing which we daily do to get some information about the work we are going to do in future. Basically we are getting insights using historical data.
My next question is who can learn Data Science?
Anyone who loves to play with data.
But before we actually start learning Data Science, we need to grow interest in Data Science. This is first and the basic step we need to take in order to start learning Data Science and I am sure this rule applies to every field. Because there is no need to learning Data Science with zero interest, this makes that person a really bad Data Scientist.
This blog is for those who are newbies for Data Science field, who need some motivation.