What is Data Science?

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a concept of to unify Statistics, analysis of data, machine learning and their related methods to understand and analyze actual phenomenon where data might be available in the form of structured and unstructured both.
Data Science life cycle is something like :-

  1. Communicate (It includes data reporting, business intelligence).
  2. Capture (It includes Data Extraction, Data Acquisition,Data Entry,etc.)
  3. Maintaining (It includes Data Cleaning,Data Processing,etc.)
  4. Analyze (It include predictive analysis, regression, text mining, etc.)
  5. Process (It includes Data Modelling, Data Summarization,etc.)

Good start @abhisewa. Expand into long form prose and post on to platform like Medium.

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Thank you sir.
I will work on it and try to post something like this good content on medium.

Good start bro, please add some explanations about these 5 points… Thanks in advance

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