What is this distribution?

From the distribution can we say it right skewed distribution since there is one mode (according to histogram ) or bimodal distribution (according to kde plot)? Or uniform distribution?

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Hi @cskoushik00

If a distribution has a two local maximas then it is considered as bimodal, and here we can see that bins on 20 & 40 are local maximas. Hence, this is a Bimodal distribution.

Hi @cskoushik00,
I don’t think the plot is strictly following a right-skewed flow.
It’s not even bimodal if we consider the histogram, but yes as per kde plot it seems bimodal. As a better practice, can you change the functional arguments (bandwidth to be specific).
You can refer this article for reference.

As a personal opinion, I think the longer bar is an outlier, and after removing it, the plot can be classified better.


From the box plot, it seems that there is no outlier present.

Hey Sorry, I mistakenly didn’t consider that it’s a histogram.

So its a Bi-modal Distribution?

No, It is a right skewed distribution. We’ll check type of using distribution using histogram only.