When is the ML Course going to start?

When is the ML Course going to start?

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The date is not yet confirmed. Tentatively by Feb 2021.
(Subject to change)

So it won’t start immediately or some time later after the weeks of FDS end.?
I was hoping to complete all the 3 Course Series (DS ML and DL ) in a consecutive manner.

Unfortunately, our recording studio is closed since March due to CoViD19.
And we are not yet sure if we can reopen even atleast within this year.

Most of current recordings are done from the instructors’ home since we have to finish the Data Science course soon, given that it has gotten a bit delayed due to the above reasons. But we think it wouldn’t be good to do the same for new courses too.

So for now, we cannot commit to anything for certain… Our apologies.


Thanks :smile: your team have taken great effort in building master piece (FDS) stay safe!