When will I get certificate?

can anyone tell it will take how many days for the certificate after completing my course? As today I have completed my DATA SCIENCE course cannot find my certificate download option.
so please kindly inform me how to proceed further

Week 20 videos are still left to upload.

Hey guys, the course is not yet completed. There’s still 3-4 weeks of content yet to be released.


@Ishvinder I got a confusion that what will be the criteria to get the certificate in Data science course?

  1. Complete the course before deadline, I am confused about this deadline, can you mention the deadline again!
  2. Will there be a final exam in this course?
    As of now I am concerned about placements, so it might be helpful for me to know the above mentioned queries. Thanks!

Hi @thirumalaideviramyad,
You can complete the course and get a certificate after all the contents are uploaded.