Where do we get more files like cric_data.tsv?

Inorder to improve numpy skills.

You can try out the beginner datasets from Kaggle:

@GokulNC can you briefly explain how to use kaggle? I went through this link and was so much confused where to start from. Where is the data-set and basically how to start? :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

To download datasets:

  1. SignUp on Kaggle.
  2. Choose any dataset, for example South Korea CoViD19 Data.
  3. Click on the Data tab, and go through the information about the dataset.
  4. Then press the Download button in top-right to download the dataset.

You can even search for any dataset in Kaggle by using the search bar on top (for example, search ‘cricket’) and click on Datasets.

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oh okay i will definitely try this!