Which book to prefer?

Hello everyone. So module 2 of mathematics part is finished this week. I am wondering if anyone could suggest me a book to practice those concept. I would like a book that cover a variety of questions as well as it is practical.
Looking for a lot of wonderful suggestions.

If u were refering to statistics of week 2, i m currently reading “Headfirst statistics” which is a easy grasp for concepts and can corelate with wat is thought in the course

Thanks for replying @gispadhu .

I’ve also read that book, but my question was not that. I need a book to practise a lot of question. I believe “Head First Statistics” has not that much practice questions.

Are you looking to practice the maths part?
If yes, then you can refer to the exercise questions in Introduction to Statistics by S.Ross

Thanks @Ishvinder.

I will check that. But what’s your opinion on exercises in R.S.Aggarwal?