Why does the x axis and y axis show true values

I made a distplot of a df which had year as index and count as values, but in the figure it shows different values
Similarly, I made a histogram with matplotlib, it shows different values.


Its because of the difference in default number of bins in two plots(numbers of bars).
Trying passing the bin parameter manually to plotting function.

The number of index values is 12 only.
For kde plot also, it shows this

I made this barplot, in this one, it is showing year in x axis but y axis again same decimals.

The decimals are also associated with 1e6 (see at the top left) which means multiply by 10^6. And it make sense as all values are roughly between 1000000 (i.e. 1* 10^6) and 1200000 (i.e. 1.2*10^6).

For first/second post also again note the 1e6 (i.e. 10^6) on x axis. whereas the y axis represent density (with 1e-6), which is like a probablistic estimate of those numbers.

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