Working with data

i was trying to process this data. i was follwoing the steps that are taught, but those are not working here. can anyone show me the way?

Hi @ghorai.soumyadip33,
Just open this link, and then click Ctrl + S to open the save as prompt, and give the extension name as .json.

Actually I could open it! Everything’s fine. As shown in the lecture, I made a dictionary, then I want to track a particular state, Take all data of a particular state or maybe consider a particular state in a particular time frame. How can I do that?

How can I be more specific and just consider a particular district over the time period…?

you can do it by making date column as timestamp object and then extract each state’s data on time basis by using pd.timedelta_range()…like this:-

pd.timedelta_range(start='1 day', end='2 days', freq='6H')


TimedeltaIndex(['1 days 00:00:00', '1 days 06:00:00', '1 days 12:00:00',
                '1 days 18:00:00', '2 days 00:00:00'],
               dtype='timedelta64[ns]', freq='6H')

refer to []

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